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CMC Silo Guard


Over filling of your cement silos cost you time and money.


Product loss, clean up costs, potential filter vent and silo damage and possible environmental fines for atmospheric contamination are

all the result of inadvertently over filling your cement storage silos.


The CMC Silo Guard System protects you and your silo.


Important components of the CMC Silo Guard System are:


  1. Pressure Relief Valve mounted on top of your silo
  2. High Level Indicator side or top mounted on your bin or silo
  3. NEMA 4 Control Panel mounted near your loading point
  4. Audible/Visual Alarm at the loading point
  5. Timer inside the control panel preventing tampering
  6. Flow control valve(s) in the material loading pipes

The CMC Silo Guard System can also prevents the discharge of cement from the tanker truck into the incorrect fill pipe. 


When all of your silos are attached to the CMC Silo Guard System and it is armed, the CMC Silo Guard System will only allow the selected silo to be filled, closing the valves to other silos attached to the system.  When the contents of the silo reach the full condition, an alarm sounds, the system shut down light begins to flash, and the timer begins to count down to shut off. 


After a line purge time of 3 minutes (settable), the flow control valve attached to the fill pipe for the silo being filled closes.  Once the line is closed, no more material can be blown into the silo until the high level condition no longer exists in the silo.


Sold as a package or as individual components this system will help prevent costly spills from over filling.


Standard control panels for 1-6 silos are available.






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