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Retractable Bin Covers





For low slump concrete producers, extra moisture in the aggregates can be a major production problem. Storing your aggregates under cover can often reduce the severity of this problem.


Bin covers will also help to retain costly heat during winter operation and will shield your aggregates from the heat of the sun in the spring and summer.


CMC's BIN COVER SYSTEM can reduce or eliminate this problem.


Bin covers, top mounted on rollers and a cantilevered track, or back mounted with a lifting device, may be the answer to your slump

control problems.


CMC Custom Bin Covers are made to fit your bins with sloped roofs to drain off water, snow and ice. A flexible, replaceable vinyl roll up door

provides protection from the wind and rain on the front of the bin cover, while being flexible enough to allow the Bin Cover to move if it

encounters aggregates in its path of travel. Steel siding provides a clean finished look as well as security. Roof and wall insulation provides

protection from the heat of the summer and conserves energy in the winter.


Heavy duty chain drives, driven by an electric motor and a weather proof control panel allow for safe and easy opening and closing of the

bin covers.




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