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The DustAlarm®


The DustAlarm® Broken Bag Detector (Particle Emission Detector) provides a reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in many powder and bulk solids industries.


The DustAlarm® is successfully utilized in a wide variety of applications where detection of dust levels is critical either to safety, maintenance, equipment operation, plant efficiency and /or the environment.  The DustAlarm® measures the triboelectric effect to determine when particle emissions exceed acceptable levels.


The DustAlarm® Broken Bag Detector incorporates visual indications and a relay output to maximize its user-friendliness and automation capabilities.  A reference point is set by the sensitivity control adjustment, aided by the tri-colour LED.  The alarm point is set by an alarm level control adjustment.  The relay output can be used to activate an alarm device or can be integrated into a control system to enhance the overall operation of the dust collector.


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  Bulletin 724




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