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Custom Hopper Squeeze Gate


Our customer is a precast concrete manufacturer who uses self levelling concrete to produce their product.  The concrete they produce is mixed and then transferred to an automated concrete cart that moves the concrete from the mixer to an outside casting location.  The concrete paste that hangs up on the sides of the confining hopper was dripping onto the floor under the loading point when the cart left the batch for the placing crew.  Over the coarse of the day the paste would build up between the tracks and toward the end of the batch day it would prevent the cart from getting into the proper loading position.  As a result a worker was required to clean up the concrete about half way the pour cycle.


The squeeze gate was added to the bottom of the confining hopper, the concrete paste was contained in the hopper between batches and the clean up was not necessary.



          squeeze gate, custom squeeze gate                    


  • bolt on hopper bottom
  • air cylinder squeeze gate
  • flexible discharge sock mounted on the hopper





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