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CMC Gravity Take Up


All bulk material-handling conveyors need some form of belt take-up system.  For shorter conveyors, screw type take-ups are all that is necessary to accommodate belt alignment and stretching during the belts service life.  For longer belts they are not adequate because the potential for stretch is greatly increased. 


For longer conveyors you need screw type take-ups to adjust the alignment of your conveyor belt and a gravity take up to maintain tension on the belt.




 Some of the reasons to have a gravity take-up on your conveyor belt are:

  • it reduces slippage at the head pulley when your materials are wet because of proper tensioning of your conveyor belt
  • it ensures the proper slack-side tension is maintained on your belt
  • your conveyor belt will run straighter, reducing the chance of catching and damaging your belt
  • it reduces spillage of material off of the belt by maintaining proper contour and material position on the conveyor
  • it automatically compensates for belt stretching
  • it allows for the belt storage needed for replacement splices
  • it absorbs most of the shock resulting from starts and stops of the conveyor, reducing the stress on the conveyor belting, splices and bearings





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