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DOL Sensors

                              Capacitive sensors are also important components in the automatic handling of all types of wood, plastic and granulates.  DOL Sensor are designed for general detection of feed, grain and solids.

DOL 40 Capacitive Sensors


The DOL 40R series capacitive sensors are generally used in connection with measurement and control of solid and loose materials.

The sensors have a relay output with a switch function.

  Field of Application:
  • Level control in silos and containers for feed, grains and solids
  • Control of filling and emptying


  • a rugged proximity capacitive sensor
  • micro controlled with integrated relay output
  • easy to program with tri-colour LED's
  • reset button to return to factory settings
  • optional - time adjustable hold on/off relay delays
  • available with ATEX approvals for dust ignition environments
  Additional functions
The sensor is equipped with a range of special functions increasing its usability:
  • Reset of sensor to factory setting
  • Reading of adjusted time delay
  • Disconnection of time delay
  • Turn the light on/off in diodes

By means of a new microcomputer technique SKOV has succeeded in compiling all operation variants in one sensor – DOL 41R,

DOL 43R and DOL 45R each have different features.


All sensors in the DOL 40R series are CE and C-UL approved and are also available in ATEX approved versions for usage in

surroundings with danger of dust explosion.


Off Delay

Delayed switch offf

On Delay

Delayed switch on

DOL 41R *    
DOL 43R  * *  
DOL 45R  * * *


The DOL 41R has no time delay. The relay switches as soon as the sensor is activated and remains in this position until the activating influence



The DOL 43R has an option for delayed switch-off. When the activation stops, the time delay begins. When this delay expires,the relay switches



The DOL 45R can, apart from the two options above, also be set for delayed switch-on. The time delay will start when the sensor is activated.

The relay switches, when the time delay expires. The relay will not switch back until the activation stops.


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