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Custom Designed Concrete Buckets


Case 1

Sometimes a concrete producer has a unique concrete handling requirement because of plant layout or form location that requires a concrete bucket with unique unloading characteristics.


Two of our customers required a water tight concrete buckets to receive mixer wash water at the end of their pouring cycle.  

2 yd Water Tight Round Concrete Bucket




  • heavy duty construction
  • low profile
  • 65” loading height
  • 12" water tight butterfly gate with hand wheel operator
  • heavy duty lifting pin


Water Tight Round Concrete Bucket




  • heavy duty construction
  • restricted diameter to meet plant requirements
  • 12" water tight butterfly gate with hand wheel operator
  • for cart mounting


Case 2

Another customer had their 4 foot wide pouring beds running side by side with a walk way between the beds.  Their placing crew had to stand in the form with the re-enforcing steel during the placing operation so we provide a bucket with universal joints in the gate opening mechanism. This allowed the clam gate to span the pouring bed and the placing crew could stand on the walkway instead of on the steel inside the form where they would have to walk over the reinforcing steel as they placed the concrete.  The result was a:


4 meter Square Concrete Bucket




  • heavy duty construction
  • square construction to increase the capacity without increasing the height
  • extra large, re-enforced linkage gate for fast unloading and spreading the concrete in the form
  • universal joint allows 90 degree rotation of the handle
  • locking handle with spring return
  • low profile lifting bale


Case 3

Our customer is required to sample concrete from every batch, after emptying approximately 1/4 yd from a batch.  They did not want to waste the testing concrete and they did not want to shovel the concrete back into the placing bucket.  This bucket when filled, is sampled, and tested from the top of the concrete sample and then it is put back in the placing bucket while the testing is being performed.


Quarter Meter Sample Bucket


  • heavy duty construction
  • 27" loading height
  • self closing 12" x 20" discharge gate with bent handle for chest high discharge
  • replaceable clams and gears
  • 2 point cable sling with 10x safety factor





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