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Custom Concrete Placing Equipment


Concrete Placing Gantry


This custom designed concrete gantry was designed to place high slump concrete in horizontal panels.  Among the features of this gantry are:


                               Concrete Gantry              
Power Features:
  • four 1 hp motors with individual high torque drives powered by a variable speed converter
  • electrical and air lines have automatic take up reels
  • on board electrical control panel
  • wireless remote and manual controls for the gantry drive and concrete discharge
  • on board air reservoir


                                                          Hopper Features:
  • 4 meter capacity with a 6' discharge width out of three individually controlled variable flow discharge gates
  • up/down adjustment of hopper using a hand crank for fine adjustment
  • variable hopper support pins for coarse adjustment
  • dual vibrators mounted front and back of the hopper


Placing Features:
  • adjustable height front and back screeds for fine slab thickness adjustment
  • variable speed vibrators for two way finishing
  • adjustable hopper discharge height
  • Three individually controlled variable flow discharge gates with manual and remote controls
  • variable  speed gantry to control placing speed


Safety Features:

  • emergency stop cord around the perimeter of the gantry
  • bump bars with limit switches on each corner to stop movement immediately upon contact with any obstacle
  • control panel with manual and remote controls and emergency stop switch mounted on the gantry
  • warning motion light and beeper
  • take up reals for the air line and electrical power cable to reduce trip hazard
  • tracks embedded in the floor to eliminate any trip hazard


Custom Concrete Placing Bucket


Our customer had 4 foot wide pouring beds running side by side with a walk way on the either side.  Their placing crew had to stand in the form and step over the re-enforcing steel during the placing operation, risking tripping acidents.  Working with our customer we provided a bucket with universal joints in the gate opening handle. This allowed the clam gate to span the pouring bed, more efficiently spreading the concrete and the placing crew was now able to walk on the walkway instead of on the steel inside the form as they placed the concrete.  The result was a:

4 meter Square Concrete Bucket




Square Concrete Bucket

with universal joint

  • heavy duty construction
  • square construction to increase the capacity without increasing the height
  • extra large, re-enforced linkage gate for fast unloading and spreading the concrete in the form
  • universal joint allows 90 degree rotation of the handle
  • locking handle with spring return
  • low profile lifting bale





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