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The following are standard features on all of our silos:

  • 3/16" minimum thickness on shell

  • 1/4" cone and lower section

  • continuous weld inside and out of all seams

  • silo drip edge and sloped roof

  • 55 degree slope on silo the cone to provide good material flow

  • high and low level indicators

  • pressure relief valve

  • support structures are designed for wind load and earthquake in mind

  • inside ladder and outside safety ladder with rest platforms

  • perimeter safety rail with kick plate at the top of the silo

  • sealed access door located on the roof

  • inside of the cone is painted with enamel to provide good material flow

  • aeration system

  • choice of butterfly valve, vane feeder, plug valve or combination

  • filter vents are elevated and flange mounted

  • primed and painted in your choice of standard colour



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