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General Construction Machinery 'Quality Features'

  • Construction Machinery Batch Plants are designed to be shipped using legal loads
  • sections are designed to be as large as possible, reducing the overall number of pieces and reducing the shipping costs as well as the erection costs
  • quality inspections are carried out during all phases of fabrication
  • unitized components bolt together for easy installation and dismantling
  • heavy duty support structures with wind bracing ensure a solid structure
  • all motors are High Efficiency Totally Enclosed and Fan Cooled for long service life

CMC Silo Standard Features

  • 3/16" minimum thickness on shell
  • cone and lower section of larger silos 1/4" - 3/8" depending on the size of the silo
  • continuous weld inside and out of all seams
  • silo drip edge and sloped roof
  • caged roof access ladder and safety railing on the roof
  • 55°  slope on silo cone to provide good material flow
  • a roof mounted pressure relief valve and silo access door
  • the inside of cone is painted with enamel to provide good material flow
  • silos come equipped with high and low level indicators
  • aeration diffusers
  • your choice of butterfly valve, vane feeder or plug valve or combination
  • filter vents are elevated and flange mounted


CMC Overhead Storage Features

  • heavy duty 1/4" or heavier plate steel construction with external welded stiffeners every 2-3 feet depending on the size of the bin
  • stiffeners are stitch welded to the plate alternately 3" top and bottom
  • structural joints are reinforced and continuously welded
  • corners are continuously welded
  • discharge gates are individually controlled with their own air cylinder and solenoid
  • bin bottoms are 1/2" plate steel


CMC Conveyor Standard Features

  • a crown faced lagged head pulley
  • a dust cover is included on truck loading conveyors
  • heavy duty 3 ply rated conveyor belting is used
  • top quality, permanently greased troughing and return rollers are used
  • a heavy duty gear reducer
  • heavy duty premium bearings provide long service life
  • all inclined conveyors have a back stop to prevent roll back

CMC Aggregate Batcher Features

  • 1/4" - 3/8" steel with external bracing
  • stiffening stays maintain the structural integrity of the aggregate batcher
  • minimum 55°  slopes on the sloped sides provides good material flow
  • 1/4" steel construction with heavy duty frame assembly
  • vibrator and limit switch
  • heavy duty CMC discharge gate


CMC Aggregate Gate Features

  • 1/4" side walls
  • 3/8" clams standard, 1/2" clams available
  • replaceable cast alemite gear segments with grease fittings and grade 8 shoulder bolts


CMC Cement Batcher Features

  • 3/16" steel construction with continuous weld inside and outside
  • painted enamel cone section to prevent sticking
  • sloped roof is a standard feature of all cement batchers
  • vent, vibrator, limit switch and aeration standard equipment


CMC Scale Features

  • heavy duty 'S' - type NTEP certified load cells
  • high tensile safety rods standard
  • summing and trimming box with adjustment

CMC Conveyor Turn Head Features

  • heavy duty 3/16" construction with heavy duty double reduction reducer
  • bolt in 1/4" abrasion resistant liners
  • support ring allows for smooth operation and multiple stop capabilities


Level Control Features

  • top quality, dependable Monitor Level Controls
  • your choice of point level or continuous level indicators


Water Meter

  • reliable Badger Water Meters with electronic scalable programmable pulse transmitters


Solenoids and Limit Switches

  • heavy duty, reliable products


CMC Cement Augers

  • augers are individually designed to meet your production requirements
  • heavy duty shaft mounted reducers
  • half pitch flighting on inlet
  • over sized motors, shafts and bearings provide years of trouble free service



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