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Bucket elevators are an efficient way to elevate bulk materials while utilizing a minimum plant footprint.


The typical bucket elevator consists of:

-an inlet chute

-a series of buckets mounted on a belt or chain that are pulled over a head and tail pulley located at the top and the bottom of the bucket elevator

-a vertical steel casing and a discharge chute.


Take-ups on the tail pulley shaft provide a means of tensioning the conveyor belt and when it stretches.  The steel case supports the head pulley and provides an enclosure to contain dust and provide weather protection.


The capacity of a bucket elevator is controlled by a combination of the speed of the belt or chain, and the number and size of the transfer buckets.  Further fine conrol is accomplished by controlling the input into the bucket elevator at the inlet.


The advantages of using a Bucket Elevator to elevate your materials are as follows:

  • variable capacity achieved using size of buckets, number of buckets and the speed of conveyor belt

  • small footprint is required to raise materials in a safe, clean manner

  • discharge height is adjustable without changing the bucket elevators footprint

  • case supplies complete enclosure and weather tightness, reducing the dust and noise

  • controlled feed reduces the spillage





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