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Badger Water Meters


Badger has been a trusted leader in flow measurement for over a hundred years.


Turbo Meters


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Turbo Meter Specs


PFT 4e Specs




The Badger Turbo Meter is available in sizes 2" to 6" and is ideally suited to the concrete industry. With a cast iron body and bronze head the Turbo meter can accurately measure water at temperatures up to 250 degrees Fehrenheit.


With the optional PFT-4e calibration is easy, and can be done in the field in a matter of minutes.


For your convenience, we normally stock 2" and 3" units complete with PFT-4e electronic scalable pulse transmitters.


Electromagnetic Flow Meters


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Electromagnetic Flow Meters can decreasing system maintenance or meet the demands of challenging liquid conditions. Badger's electromagnetic meters will deliver the performance your critical flow measurement applications require.


For the precision you need, the electromagnetic flow meters are designed to achieve ± 0.25 percent accuracy. In addition, the non-intrusive, completely open flow tube design virtually eliminates pressure loss. And with no moving parts to impede the flow stream, maintenance is kept to a minimum – even in less than ideal fluid conditions.





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